Why is rummy called a calculation game?

The game of classic Indian rummy is one of the most popular card games in the Indian sub-continent. It can be safely said that it is more of a skill based game than a luck based one. A lot of adaptations and calculated gameplay come into this game. If you are thinking of this as a simple game then you may be wrong. Once you are past the beginning stage in this game you have to develop your own style of play and that means a lot of calculations and predictions. We are here to show you how some simple analytical thinking can help you win the game. Here are some basic tricks on how to play Indian rummy game using some basic mathematics.

Count your cards

Once you are dealt with the cards from the deck arrange them as per the possible sets or sequences. While doing so count the number of black and red cards in your hand. Each deck has 52 cards and a joker. That makes it 26 red coloured cards (Diamonds + Hearts) and 26 black coloured cards (Spades + Clubs). If you have 9 or more cards of one colour it can be easily assumed that your opponent’s set has more of the other coloured cards. Use this to your advantage by not playing them initially as your opponent can use it to finish their sets or sequences easily.

Calculate your points

Always keep in mind the number of points that you have in hand, however good a hand you are playing with. There is a possibility that your opponent can outsmart you anytime with some strategy or the other. It is normally advised to discard the high pointed cards in the start itself if they are not required to make up any sets or sequences directly. This will enable you to lose with only fewer points. Be wary of the fact that while discarding them it would also give the opponent a chance to complete their sequences.

Probabilities in the game

Probabilities in the rummy game are just about calculating the odds. As the game progresses one can start seeing the patterns the players are playing in. most draw and discard as per their sets and sequences. Memorise the opponent’s patterns to figure out what all they have with them and what all they require to end the game. Adapt your strategy that can be applied at this time. Use this to your advantage to get what you want to play. Predicting your opponent’s move will help you to think ahead in the game.

Application of mathematical calculations can always come in handy as explained above, but it is not always victoried assured unless you practice. It’s always possible that you might have missed out on something that was unaccounted for. At this point of time don’t panic – just adapt to the game and play accordingly. Keep practising a lot and you can take your skills to the next level easily.

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