Where Your Small Business Should Be Investing Your Digital Marketing Money

Small businesses need to take a great deal of care when it comes to investing in digital marketing as there are many cowboys out there who promise the world and fail to deliver. Equally, there are many legitimate forms of digital marketing which offer very poor returns on investment and given that small businesses are rarely flush with marketing funds, it is important that they choose the right place to put their money when it comes to digital marketing.

I have been working with a  lot of small businesses throughout the years in this field and here are the strategies which I recommend if you are looking for a strong ROI.

Social Media

If you only invest in one form of digital marketing, either with your time or your money, then make sure that it is social media. Not only is this an absolutely huge marketplace which you will be tapping into, but there are many different ways in which you can use social media to you advantage, and many different benefits that you can reap. To start with you should be looking to invest in Facebook and Instagram ads so that you can promote your business to your target demographic. I would also recommend investing in automatic Instagram likes and Facebook followers to boost your profiles and create a buzz about your business.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is really the cornerstone of any digital marketing strategy and you should be looking to hire some professionals who can help to push your business’ website. SEO is about your business featuring high up in the search rankings for particular keywords that will pertain to your business. Few consumers will look past the first or second page of the search results and if you don’t feature towards the top, these potential customers will never see you. This can come at quite a cost but the benefits in terms of sales and brand growth, really are too much to turn down.

Email Campaign

Email campaigns are low in cost but they can bring you a good amount of business and visibility for your products. In the past, an email campaign used to have a click through rate of around 12 – 15%, these days that has dropped quite a bit but that is not to say that it is no longer worthwhile. Think about it like this, if you send 10,000 emails and you have a clickthrough rate of 2%, that will be 200 people clicking through from the email to see your business. Let’s assume that even 25% of those people buy something, that will be 50 sales from one bunch of emails which have been sent out. The costs of email campaigns are relatively low and you could see a real boost in sales through this method.

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