Time Management for IIT JEE Exam

Time Management for IIT JEE Exam

The IIT JEE entrance exam is designed to test the knowledge and compatibility level of the candidates for studies. There are many competitive exams in which millions of students appear to get the admission in renown colleges of India. It is quite difficult to crack these examinations because the competition level is quite high. But with the hard work, dedication and time management anyone can crack these examinations. Tough IIT JEE is the toughest exam but there are many ways through which IIT aspirants can prepare topics for clearing IIT JEE exam. Currently, IIT JEE Video Lectures are also in trend and students are taking help of these videos to boost up their subjects. These videos are available on internet and students can see them whenever they feel comfortable.

Time management is very important for achieving a goal and if you putting your best efforts for achieving your goal then you will definitely touch the sky. So it is mandatory for every IIT aspirants to make proper time table before starting your IIT JEE preparation. Time plays an important role in every once life and when time passes away we can not get it back in our life. So it is important to utilize your time in a most effective way. In this article we are providing some key points for time management for IIT JEE exam:

  1. A time cannot be retrieved, so don’t waste your time. For cracking the IIT exam, divide your time for all the subjects, so that you can cover all the subjects parallelly.
  2. Most of the students start preparing tough subjects first and because of this, they leave the simple topics on hold. This is a wrong strategy for preparation. Always start your study with simple topics and try to learn basic concepts.
  3. In your timetable, add few hours for your hobbies and games, that will help you to remain fresh in whole day
  4. Buy one simple wrist watch and wear it while solving question papers because it will help you to calculate your timing so that you can speed up your question-solving speed.
  5. In the exam, first, solve simple questions and then jump into tough one.
  6. Time management helps you make a conscious decision during the exam. So divide your three hours equally for each and every question of the exam paper.
  7. Write all the formulas and important note in one copy so that you can save time by searching them in a book.
  8. Select one book for study and cover all the topics from one book.
  9. First, solve the questions of the same topic and then start solving another topic otherwise you will get confused.
  10. Always confident but don’t be overconfident

Hope all these tips will help you to make proper time management for IIT JEE exam. So follow these tips and scored the highest rank in the exam.

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