Rummy Variations You Can Enjoy In Online Rummy

Online rummy has brought new possibilities to gamers around the world to earn real cash all at the same time playing their favorite game. Unlike other card games, Indian Rummy can be considered as a skill based game in which the player has to rely on his strategy as well as his opponent’s hand to win the game. Most pro players of the game are so good in online Indian rummy games that they can easily read the opponents’ hands by observing their moves.
If you are a master in one variant of Indian rummy, it is always advisable to learn about other rummy variations to upgrade your skills and to master the game of rummy as a whole. Once you have done this, you can confidently join cash games and tournaments to play for real cash.

Some of the top rummy variations that you may see only in online rummy websites are mentioned below. While you can enjoy Indian rummy online free play on these variations by joining practice games it is always advised that you play freeroll games too to read and learn from a better set of opponents.

Points Rummy
Points rummy is considered as one of the fastest format of online Indian rummy game variation. The game is played with a maximum of up to 6 players and each point in the game is assigned a pre-defined monetary value. The winner of the game takes all the points from the losing opponents and thus the cash prize. Points rummy always has an entry fee to join which is pre-decided. You can play points rummy games with virtual chips too on practice as well as freeroll tables.

Pool Rummy
Pool rummy is played just like Points rummy variation, the only difference being the bigger amount of cash prizes. The players join the game with an entry fee and play for points, say 101 or 201. Each player crossing these points will be eliminated from the game and the last man standing is declared as a winner. Because of this elimination system, pool rummy games often take much longer time to finish compared to other variations.

Deals Rummy
Deals rummy is another exciting online Indian rummy games variation played for a number of deals which are pre-decided. Players can join the game by buying in with an entry fee which becomes the prize pool. The winner of each deal takes the chips of losing players but the losing players can always make a comeback in the subsequent deals. The winner is decided based on the chip count at the end of all deals and he takes home all the cash prizes.

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