How to Stop Facebook From Bringing Up Your Bad Memories

Facebook is getting greater on wistfulness nowadays, now that it has quite a long while of our lives amassed in its advanced vaults. Facebook reminder is an incredible approach to look back in the past and recall joyful memories. But sometimes it misses the mark. If you’d somewhat live in the present and make a total separation with the past memories —or only one individual specifically—here’s the manner by which to do it. Presently the organization is putting forth an approach to keep miserable and repulsive memories from reemerging in these wistfulness affecting updates. To do that just go ahead.


Sign into Facebook on the internet, then discover the “On This Day” section under the Apps heading on the left. To switch off all warnings from days of Facebook past, tap Notifications and afterward Off. In case you’re ever hit by a string of wistfulness you can open the application again or simply take after the URL (you can’t evacuate the application totally).


If you would rather sift through particular individuals or dates that bring back terrible recollections, click Preferences and after that utilization the Edit connections to set up your channels (take note of that you don’t as a matter of course must be companions with somebody to prevent them from showing up in your warnings). It’s as simple as that—individuals and dates will be covered up later on.

Obviously Facebook accompanies a heap of different apparatuses for sifting your News Feed. Click the bolt alongside any section to conceal posts like it from your food or to unfollow the individual who posted it. For a more far reaching method for ensuring somebody never appears in your News Feed again, piece them by tapping the latch symbol on the toolbar at the top and picking How would I prevent somebody from disturbing me? (the individual you piece won’t be any more shrewd).

There is something significantly alarming, though, about enlightening Facebook not to reemerge recollections regarding a companion or relative who has kicked the bucket. It feels ill bred, yet in the meantime, the fact of the matter is that you — not Facebook — are in control of those recollections, and when and how they clear in your life.

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Erase memory

That is all there is to it—those individuals and dates would be veiled in the upcoming future. Just follow the instructions and stop Facebook from bringing up your bad memories.

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